Top 5 Wellbeing Tips for Taurus

Life is challenging and in order to meet it head on it’s important we are all doing as much as possible to enhance our wellbeing. Taurus have certain priorities when it comes to doing so, here are five tips to help keep yourselves in top form.

1) Fill yourself up with good stuff

Ok Taurus, I know you love the high life and are not averse to indulge in your favourite things, good for you. I applaud you for not being ashamed to enjoy the fruits of your labour you work hard for it. My only word of caution is make sure it’s the right stuff you’re indulging in. Watch your carbs, particularly starch, and go for it with the fruit and veg. Asparagus, beets and horse radish are particularly good at topping up your sulphate of sodium levels. Treat your body like a temple and your constitution will thank you for it with strength, longevity and vitality as you have the stamina for a long life.

2) Find your motivation to move

Taurus can be prone to be sluggish and a little on the lazy side when it comes to getting moving. This can lead to weight gain and physical problems later on in life so try and find something you enjoy that makes you move. Walk, swim, ride, play ping pong, whatever, even if your motivation is earning that glass of wine or five when you get home. I don’t really care what it is, just keep active and again your joints will repay you with kindness.

3) Review your life and make sure your happy with it

Taurus tend to trudge along relentlessly, a little like their mascot the bull. You have a tremendous stubborn streak that in a way serves you well in staying in things for the long run. Just make sure the long run is one you are enjoying and passionate about. Life’s too short to waste years in the wrong situation, be it a job, relationship or even the same vacation. Do not be afraid to walk away from those that no longer serve you, I recommend at least once a year checking in with where you are at, and being honest with yourself.

4) Make your home comfortable

This goes for anywhere your spending a lot of time. Taurus feel most comfortable in a relaxing, clean, pleasant environment. Decorate your apartment with the furniture you like, get that fancy coffee machine, cooking equipment and bed linen. This is one place I give full permission to indulge in, as it’s truly important to your wellbeing to love your surroundings.

5) Keep a check on finances

Taurus need to be true to themselves and this does mean having the financial freedom to treat themselves when they fancy. Holidays, lavish dinners, new shoes, they all come at a cost so make sure you can cover it. Nestle away some savings slowly over time and make sure you have the resources to be able to live your best life and what’s life to a Taurus without exotic beaches and fine wine when it suits?

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