Top 5 Wellbeing Tips for Gemini

When it comes to keeping ourselves in top form each sign has its own special sauce. What are the best wellness tips to keep our lovely Gem’s ship, shape and shiny?

1) Communicate’

One hour of not talking to a Gemini is torture, unless they are sleeping. It’s their oxygen, filling them with energy and vitality. Sharing their ideas and perspectives on life with people they feel connected to is when they are at their best. Whether its friends, family or total strangers as long as those chins are wagging they are happy.

2) Travel

Gemini’s do not need lavish trips, not that they are impartial to a bit of luxury. They simply love to explore new and exciting places. Their curious minds need satisfying and travel is a great way to get their fix. They love to pack their bags and head off on a new adventure, which is why they are normally full of fun stories about the places they have been and people they have met.

3) Keep busy

Gem’s get bored quicker than any other sign in the zodiac, if a script writer can keep one entertained through out a whole movie, bravo they did a good job.
Having a to- do list to get through or being able to flit from one challenge to the next stops that dreading B word creeping up on them. A Gemini will try to avoid boredom like a vegan avoids dairy. Sometimes all it takes is surrounding themselves with the right people, so be very careful who you choose to spend your time with.

4) Switch off the mind

Easier said than done, right? Gemini’s have very over active nervous systems, which can make them prone to anxiousness and over thinking. Focusing that energy on doing something productive is a great way to burn off the excess part of their minds. Working out or pouring it into something productive like writing, or business ideas can massively help. Gemini’s are incredibly creative and getting control of the overthinking and anxiousness prevents them wasting this talent.

5) Have fun

Gemini’s need fun like Virgo’s need a filing system. Do not deprive yourself of this need or it will only manifest in inflammation somewhere else in the body or mind. Work hard, though play harder after all you only live once right? Make the most of it and enjoy yourselves.

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