Top 5 Wellbeing Tips for a Cancer

It’s that fabulous time of year again, July, the suns out, and most importantly its Cancer season. They may have their birthdays in one of the best months of the year, still our crabs can find even in the hottest of months they need a little helping hand to keep their moods shining bright. Here are five tips from the daughter of a textbook Cancer for things they can do to keep themselves feeling as positive as possible.

1) Choose where you want to put your focus

The glass half full analogy is overused, simple, yet bloody effective. If you choose to see your glass as half full of cold, hydrating water or even better a divine glass of Chardonnay it’s far more exciting than seeing it as half empty. Focusing on what things are lacking can be productive at times, though in general it feels so much better to focus on what’s not lacking. Now apply this to life, yes there are always things we want more of or could be better at. The world could always be a better place, that doesn’t change the fact it’s already an amazing place. Think of all the things you have to be grateful for, loving friends, family, good food, your five senses, a place to live, your good health. I say this as I know someone who last night nearly choked to death on a chicken ball. Life is amazing when you choose to see it that way, all you need to change is your perspective. Gratitude lists can massively help you realise how much you already have to be grateful for, give it a go.

2) Get out the house every day to do something you enjoy

Cancer’s do love to nest, and when their moods slightly dip can find it very tempting to hide away in the place they feel most comfortable. As much as it may not feel like it at the time, force yourself to get out, if you can’t handle the office, pull a sickie still get out for a walk (make sure your boss doesn’t catch you) or go to visit a friend. The worse thing you can do is hide your self away from the world for a long time, it just inflames the mood, the loneliness and can easily spiral into a worse place. Everyone loves your company even when your not feeling great. 

3) Make people laugh

Cancer’s have a great sense of humour and are very good at getting people laughing with their dead pan, down to earth take on things. They can be held back by that shy streak, the more you get out, talk to people and make them laugh, smile and have good conversation the more your good vibes and energy will flow. If your dreaming of being a stand up comedian, go for it, you guys are hilarious.

4) Nurture your relationships

Cancer’s are incredibly loyal and their special relationships with family and close friends are so important to them. Nurture that, do not shut them out or hold grudges against them for silly things as this only hurts you in the long run. Forgive and forget when you can and spend as much time with the people you love as possible, it really is good for your soul.

5) Stay creative

Cancer’s have some great ideas, being a cardinal sign they are fab at kicking off new cycles. Starting businesses and being involved in something that gets their creative juices flowing keeps their spirits high. Take the time to find out what your passionate about, whether its selling cars, driving taxi’s or flying planes, throw yourselves into what you love and it will come back to you ten fold. You have the commitment, loyalty and ability to be successful at whatever you do, believe in yourselves and the universe will have your back.

Happy Birthday Cancers,

Love Zodiach x

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