Top wellbeing Tips for our Leo’s

Leo’s just like every other sign, need to keep on top of their emotional wellbeing. Fire and ambition do not grant immunity from the roller coaster of human experience. The first thing our lions need to know is sometimes its ok to not be ok, it happens to the best of us.

So here are five tips to keep things in check.

1) Talk about it.

Ewe, I know. Admit it when somethings bothering us? Doesn’t appeal to that macho side inherent in Leo’s fiery nature. You like to soldier through problems pretending every things fine. You may not realise though everyone notices that chip on your shoulder when you do so. You to know when your pushing yourself through a problem. Are you being a bit more defensive than usual? Finding it hard to be your usual chipper self? Thats the time to talk about it, if it’s a work problem choose someone at work who may have gone through the same thing, or a friend, loved one who knows you well. It will not make anyone think any less of you, more to the point it will relieve people to let them know your not a robot, creating empathy and trust. These are the foundations of strong, healthy relationships. You will be surprised how much better it makes you feel to release some of the burden of those tense shoulders. The more you share in life about what’s going on with you, the more people will want to share with you. Trust in the process, it works.

2) Release your energy

Leo’s are a very physical sign, if they do not release that burning energy into something good it will come out in a more aggravated form. Yep, thats why some Leo’s can be a bit aggressive and even bully’s if they do not find a healthy outset for their fire. Find a sport you love, or a position that allows you to direct your energy into passion for something. Leo’s have the ability to be the best leaders, working towards goals that mean something to you, be it in work or fitness is good for your soul.

3) Allow yourself to delegate

A side effect of Leo’s strong drive and energy is the need to over control situations. Learn that letting go and trusting others with responsibility will help you focus on whats really important and propel you to your goals far more quickly. Even if there have been times when doing so has ended badly, that was then, choose the right people to trust and don’t micro manage them. It will make your life so much easier.

4) Learn the power of No

Whether it’s to that last slice of pizza or the 5th party of the week. Leo’s suffer from FOMO more than any other sign of the Zodiac. The thing is, when they burn out they don’t take the time to rest and recharge and this can cause them to become very aggravated which can develop into pent up anger. Try and make an effort to keep things in balance as it brings out the best in you, and keeps that beautiful Leo energy addictive to be around. And presides, whatever happens after Midnight isn’t really important, didn’t Cindarella teach us anything?

5) Its ok to take time to yourself

Leo’s can be the life and soul of the party, charming, engaging, working every crowd. Sometimes though, admit it isn’t it exhausting? You deserve time to yourself, take one night a week where you just chill. Reflect on where you are and where you want to go, cook your favourite food, and take some downtime to recharge for all the fun stuff that lies ahead, you will enjoy it so much more feeling happy and healthy.

Make 2019 a wonderful year.

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