What the Signs Need in Friends…

Imagine a life with out friends? Not worth thinking about right.
That said it’s important we pick the right tribe, otherwise being lonely may seem the better option. It’s hard to find the people in life that make us feel more normal, that we can turn to no matter what we are going through. Not to settle for people we feel we have to tone ourselves down, or mould our behaviour around. Basically not to feel judged. Here are some of the qualities each sign looks for in play mates.


These fire babies need to be anything except bored. They need friends that are always up for an adventure, last minute trips and up for every party. Staying home too often for cosy nights in is not really for them, save perhaps once a week for recovery purposes.


The bulls need a loyal, reliable bunch that won’t let them down last minute. They love to socialise yet are equally as happy with movie nights. They value their friendships and need people they can call and trust when they are in need, and will return the favour. Look for those that are fun yet dependable.


Our airy Gem’s need friends that think, talk and act outside the box. Convention is not their thing. Being around people that play by the rules and do things by the book, bores them to death. Seek eccentric friends who will lead you to fun places and that you can talk to about anything whacky. You need to get all those crazy thoughts out there and explore your curious nature.


Crabs carry their homes around with them and if they could they would pop a few friends in there to. They would rather have a handful of long term buddy’s than mere associates. To make it on the cancer friend list is a challenge. Seek those you can trust, have a laugh with and speak your heart to.


Feisty leo’s need fun companions that will also be cheer leaders. You want a variety of friends that you can call on depending on your mood. Seek those that celebrate and support you.


Friendship is important for Libra’s to feel balanced and invigorated. You need a positive crew to keep you replenished in your endeavours to keep the world a fair place. Seek those that make you feel relaxed, happy and calm.


Virgo’s love to have fun and socialise, at the same time they need friends to have deep, meaningful conversations. They can be pretty up and down emotionally and being out of sync with their routine and comfort zones can affect them. Seek a good network of friends you can truly be yourself around, however you’re feeling and who don’t judge you because your not the same person you were yesterday.


Loyal, loyal, loyal. This is the top priority scorpions need in any relationship, otherwise those tails will be whipped out. Seek friends you can tell everything to, even the most darkest secrets and that truly have your back.


Sag’s are a spiritual, open minded bunch and need friends that think and act on the wild side. Seek friends that don’t mind if you cancel plans last minute, that are as spontaneous, and that will evolve with you.


Goat’s have lots of goals in life and they need friends that understand that. Seek those that get you may have to work late and put your family first, and will not try and lead you a stray. It does not lead to a good place for a capricorn.


Unique is this air signs middle name. They need friends who appreciate their different take on life. Seek friends who don’t make you feel pressured to keep up with their plans or make you feel crazy. Your not.


Our eldest sign needs friends that appreciate their evolved souls. Seek those that truly let you live to the beat of your own drum, and you trust have your best interests at heart. Let your intuition guide you, its normally right.

If you feel you need some help filling your life with healthy relationships get in touch.


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