What is the life lesson of your sign?

In life there will be certain things that come naturally to us. Some are born footballers, writers, teachers even total assholes. Well, the world needs a few of them. There is also a lot of stuff that is not so easy. So we avoid it. Those things that make us feel icky, annoyed, inpatient, even angry. We don’t want to work on them so we file them somewhere in the stuff I hate file. We lock it shut and hide the key. Well, as much as we try to avoid opening that file, it sits there beckoning us to be brave enough to go through it. The niggling truth is we know there may be some stuff in that file that can be pretty useful. Little life lessons. Here is one for each sign that’s maybe hiding there. Lets start with Aries- Virgo.

Aries- Learn to sit with yourself

Gosh, thats making you squirm already isn’t it Aries? Give us a chance here, we know that rushing around and always having loads to do from fear of the dreaded B word (boredom) is what makes you feel good. When everything stops you find it hard to sit and be. Challenge yourself to do it, even if it’s just once a day, it’s not that scary and it’s better to deal with what comes up a little bit a day than suddenly have a break down from a backlog. It’s not that scary and will benefit you in ways beyond belief.

Taurus- Break free

We know that you have the stamina of a racing horse when it comes to sticking to something bulls, just make sure that its to something you love. You can often get glued to situations or people that are not nourishing you in the way you deserve. You give so much it’s important your getting back what you need, take time to review and reflect if your really happy and don’t be afraid to walk away from something that is not serving you.

Gemini- Be quiet

Gem’s we know you love to talk, try and give listening a little more time. We were given one mouth and two ears and it’s important to use them in that proportion. Learning to let others speak and actually absorbing what they say will fill your curious mind with more knowledge. Then you do what you do best, and tell everyone about it.

Cancer- Feed off positive vibes

Water babies are so good at being prepared for life’s inevitable misfortunes that they let it become a source of energy. You don’t even notice its depleting you in some ways. Try and train yourselves to gravitate more towards good news, and let yourself get excited about it. Habits are hard to break, this one though will improve your mood and outlook on life in ways that make it totally worth the effort. A good place to start is turning off the news, unless it’s good of course.

Leo- Let go of the ego

The ego can get a bad rep a lot of the time. When it takes a strong a grip over us it can be pretty disastrous. Leo’s have a weak spot for it, consider it their achilles heel. They let it drive them and  feed their competitive souls. Keep it in check. There are other ways that can motivate you to get to the top. Find a balance between ego and compassion. It makes you even nicer to be around.

Virgo- Life doesn’t have to be perfect

Virgo’s desire for perfection provides the bread crumbs to life. They seek it in people, home, work and personal projects. Even for them it can become dam right exhausting. How about enjoying the imperfection in moments? Embracing people as they are not how you expect them to be. Life does not have to be perfect to be beautiful once you accept that you will experience it on a whole different level.

Accepting life lessons and working with them can be transformative on your mind, body and soul. Life is an amazing teacher if we are willing students.
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