Virgo’s; Unleash your power with Astrology

How is it virgo season already? That first reminder we are soon to be easing out of summer and rolling into autumn. We are looking forward to the change of season, the cooler weather, beautiful colours and calming energy that september effortlessly delivers. To say happy birthday to our earth sign, we have dedicated a post to how they can make the most of the coming year. Also we are celebrating the arrival of a new member to the Zodiach family, my niece who is blessed to be born to a Taurus Mum and a Capricorn Dad. Well, birth is a lottery.

So Virgo’s here are three ways to make this year your best yet. Remember, it’s never too late or too early to unleash your power. 

1) Get to know yourself

This sounds super simple, though how many of us really do it? We think we know who we are and what we want, rushing through life to hit a mid life crisis where we realise.. uh-oh. Who the hell are we? Are we remakes of our parents? Are we inhibited by opinions that don’t matter? It’s amazing how many people end up taking paths they never really wanted. Ignoring their individuality and true desires blocked by fear of where they might take them.
Life is too short, get to know who you are and own it. An astrology birth chart reading can be transformative in understanding all the subtle shades of you. From your strengths, your weaknesses, your life lessons to your attitude to love and finances. Check out our website and get in touch for your chart.

2) Choose a career you love

Virgo’s are keen to find their soul purpose. They are not just motivated by money as much as they appreciate it’s importance in allowing the freedom to live life like they want to. They often find this with their career. Do not rush into anything that doesn’t feel authentic. Walk away from things when your done with them. Don’t view it as wasted time just stepping stones taking you towards your future. A little like love, when it comes to career when you know, you know. Keep going till you get that feeling. Check out our post on the best careers for signs for some ideas and get in touch for some coaching from us.

3) Stop waiting for the perfect moment, your ready

Virgo’s can get so lost in the strive for perfection that it can prevent them doing the one thing that’s going to take them forward. Action. However small, take a step towards manifesting what you want into reality. As much as we respect your need to prepare, all the lists in the world are not going to get you there. After all remember, an idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.

This is going to be a great year to manifest your intentions. If you need help in any way from relationships, to career to create the future of your dreams, get in touch for some coaching.

Happy Birthday Virgo’s
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