What can you do when your feeling lost?

Look to the stars of course. Astrology is more than just a foreign language that fills books and magazine columns It is something you can tap into to improve your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing if you are willing to let it.
Life has a humorous way of throwing us into periods of feeling totally lost when we least expect it. We have all been there, one morning we wake up in a completely different mood to what we were yesterday, with no idea how to get ourselves back on track. When such moments pop up it’s good to have an anchor to bring us back to shore or navigate you to your new destination. This is where understanding your sun sign can come to the rescue.

How? By providing a framework of questions to find that encourages you on your journey and the toolbox to get you there. To give a taster here is one question each sign can ask in the mirror when feeling lost.


1) Am I using my energy for something that makes me happy?


2) Do I need to feel lost to remove myself from something that no longer serves me?


3) Have I talked myself into something that is not right for me?


4) Have I let something or someone get in the way of what truly matters?


5) Am I being controlled by my ego?


6) Am I out of my comfort zone?


7) Have I been focusing on myself enough lately?


8) Am I working towards the right goals?


9) Have I taken on too much instead of prioritising?


10) Have I slid off the right track or am I stuck on the wrong one?

Remember, being lost can take you somewhere beautiful. If your lucky enough to experience it then embrace it. It’s easier to be lost than stuck in something that is no longer right for you.

We hope the above questions give you some food for thought, for more in depth questions get in touch. Our coaching sessions, tarot readings and assessment charts can help you find the answers your looking for.

When in doubt, reach for the stars.


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