Good places for each sign to find love….

Who wants to fall in love? Well, everyone actually, even if they don’t want to admit it. True connection and finding your soul mate makes you far happier than fame or fortune, though having all three doesn’t seem so bad.

While the first two may require a plane ticket to hollywood, the ‘L’ word could be right under your nose. Here are some ideas as to where each sign could keep  their eyes and hearts open for the one.

Aries- Thrill seeking activities

Aries are risk takers and extend this approach to romance. They love to throw themselves on random challenges to prevent boredom, often these can involve some sort of activity from skiing to skydiving. Meeting a fellow thrill seeker could lead to a relationship, who else is going to go rock climbing with you?

Taurus- At Work

Good old taurus are as committed to their jobs as their partners. Finding romance at work is therefore highly likely, perhaps at least different offices though eh bulls, you know what they say about too much of a good thing.

Gemini- Somewhere random

Gemini’s curious minds and ability to talk the socks off anyone has them all over the place. They love chatting to everyone so could meet a potential partner in the local coffee shop, gym or train. They leave no ear untouched and one lucky listener could end up being the one.

Cancer- Childhood sweetheart

It is no surprise if a Cancer ends up marrying a childhood sweetheart or even their first love. They are rather soppy our dear crabs and can commit their hearts easily to someone they can potentially nest with and create a loving home.

Leo- A party

Of course. Leo’s need someone they can socialise and enjoy the limelight with. As long as they don’t take too much and remember who the star of the show is.

Virgo- A walk in the park

Virgo’s true love is nature, if they could find someone while enjoying time in their element, romance could certainly blossom. Keep an eye on more than the tree’s on your next stroll, you never know who may cross your path.

Libra- A Meeting

Libra’s keep themselves very busy, bringing justice and balance to the world is high up on their priority list. They can quite often meet the eyes of a potential love over the table at a boardroom meeting where they are doing their thing, they benefit from a strong partner who can back them.

Scorpio- Zodiach/ Dating agency

Scorpios get in touch, we know you are very cautious about giving your hearts away. Dating coaching can help make sure you are matched with someone who is not going to break your trust or loyal hearts, the last thing we want is making you even more defensive about giving them away.

Sagittarius- A journey

Sag’s wear their hearts on their sleeves as they wander the world expanding their minds. They can fall in love along the way, with jupiter behind them luck is always on their side.

Capricorn- Networking event

Capricorns are willing to put the hours in after work, networking events and anything else that propels them to the top is seen as time well spent. They could meet the one at such a venue, take time for a canapé or two and see who catches your eye.

Aquarius- An acting class

Creative air sign aquarius is always looking for new ways to connect with like minded souls. They can fall in love when they least expect it while following their passions.

Pisces- The damsel in distress

Pisces have beautiful souls always looking to help those in need. While doing so they may end up finding love, they are protected by Karma even then it comes to their hearts so they need not be afraid of giving them away.

Each sign is unique and needs different things from a relationship from commitment to sex. To learn more about where you can look for love get in touch today, our coaching can help repair even the most damaged hearts.

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