Parenting and Astrology

Few relationships are more crucial to our wellbeing than that between parent and child. They are the first we experience and longest lasting, and in many cases the most challenging as we learn to understand each other and carve out identities in the world.

Shan and I have had a lot of experience with children of all different signs and how the dynamic with their parents influences them. One of the things we find most satisfying is helping parents understand their child better with astrology, seeing how this makes them so much happier. For all parents it is never too late or to early to get to know your child better through seeing them via the eyes of their sign. From the moment they are baking in the belly, one of our birth reports can get you learning the basics. Our coaching sessions can really strengthen the bond between you and your children, yes even teenagers, and improve the whole experience of being a parent.

Here is a taster of one thing each parent should know about their child based on their sun sign .

Aries- They like a bit of chaos

Aries feel a little more comfortable with the unconventional. If you live in a fairly reserved, normal household, try and let things get a bit crazy sometimes. If things are to safe and similar the aries child can get bored.

Taurus- Keep their bedroom tidy

Taurus children are very sensitive to their surroundings, they will want their bedroom to be their favourite colours and everything kept in its right place. Don’t go painting the walls while they are at school then be surprised they are upset.

Gemini- Talk to them about everything

Gemini children have very curious minds, talking to them about lots of different subjects to keep them entertained will keep them happy and intrigued.

Cancer- Show them love

Cancers are very sensitive children, their relationship with their mum is particularly important. They need lots of love and affection.

Leo- Let them be the star of the show

Leo’s love to entertain even from a young age, give them the spotlight as much as you can even it if it’s dancing round the living room with a hair brush.

Virgo- Keep things organised

From their lunchbox to their school bag, Virgo’s like to keep things organised. They will benefit from a good morning routine, breakfast on the table at a certain time and leaving for school promptly.

Libra- Dont argue around them

Libra’s need a balanced, harmonious environment to thrive. Try to avoid arguing around them as it can really affect them.

Scorpio- Don’t let them down

Scorpio’s will look to put their trust in their parents. If you say your going to do something, whatever it is, taking them to a show or reading them a bedtime story make sure you keep to your word.

Sagittarius- Let them be free

Sag’s cherish their freedom from a young age, let them run around the garden and try and be as trusting as possible when it comes to letting them go out. The more freedom you give them the less they will rebel.

Capricorn- Give them a good place to study

Capricorns will want to work hard in a nice, quiet environment. Perhaps create a little office space of them to pursue their ambitions in their bedrooms.

Aquarius- Let them be individual

If your aquarius child wants to dye their hair pink, spend a lot of time alone or seems a bit odd. Do not worry, they are very random and spontaneous courteous of their ruling planet uranus. Just go with it and let them do their thing.

Pisces- Nurture their creative side

Whether its music, art or writing. Pisces children tend to have a creative side some parents can restrict, let them find what it is and enjoy it.

We hope this helps. If you are looking for new ways to get to know your children or vice a versa, get in touch today for a happier future.

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