Get connected; Best dating app for each sign

The world of online dating offers everything from uber sex to long term relationships, depending on what your looking for. It can be overwhelming to know where to start with the option’s continuously expanding. Astrology provides a good place to choose the right platform for you. Here is our take on the best dating app for each sign.

Aries- Plenty of fish

Aries have one of the lowest boredom thresholds of the zodiac. Having plenty of options prevents it from dipping too low, throw your rods into plenty of fish and if you don’t like what you catch drop it back in and start again.

Taurus- Hinge

The bulls will be looking for something more than casual hook ups. Hinge focuses more on forging long term relationships with a bit more substance, this will appeal to taurus, who when they find the right one have no problem with commitment.

Gemini- Tinder

Gem’s need something quick and easy, they don’t want to be exchanging emails for weeks on end. Their curious minds will want to meet asap and tinder encourages this.

Cancer- Okcupid

Cute little crabs needs a dating app catering for their nurturing nature. Ok cupid focuses on understanding what the client wants and delivering relationships that mean something to them. The subjective approach protects Cancers from getting hurt.

Leo- Blendr

Blendr is all about geo social networking, perfect for Leo’s who love to be out in the spotlight. It connects like minded people which will appeal to Leo’s social nature and love of being adored.

Virgo- Match

Practical Virgo’s will want to head over to This one does just what it says on the tin. It provides sensible, no-nonsense matching based on users and has a high success rate. Virgo’s want perfection and this will help them find it.

Libra- Eharmony

Harmony makes libra’s heart sing, naturally this app is the one for them delivering connections that provide just that.

Scorpio- Zodiach

Scorpio’s are particularly fussy when it comes to looking for romance. They will want a little bit more than swiping left or right. Zodiach is best for you guys, we will make sure you only date signs that are perfect for you so you don’t waste your trust or loyalty on the wrong ones.

Sagittarius- Speed dating

Not sure sag’s will fancy sitting at a computer so it’s best they get out and face to face for a bit of speed dating. They will prefer the buzz of meeting people than selecting faces on a screen.

Capricorn- Bumble

Capricorns find it hard to find time to date with their busy schedules, an app that blends networking with romance may be enough to tempt them to give it a go. Step up bumble, it offers everything from business connections to relationships and will appeal to Capricorns ambitious nature.

Aquarius- Invent your own

Lets face it Aquarians are far too quirky to fit into any box. They are more likely to create their own version of online dating connecting creative, like minded souls.

Pisces- Spiritual singles

Pisces are the most evolved of the zodiac and will want a connection that respects that. Spiritual singles goes beyond aesthetic, conventional matching which is most likely to satisfy their deeper search.

Whatever sign you are and whatever kind of connection you are looking for, we can help you find it. With our dating coaching we take the hard work off your hands and fast track you to what you want. Get in touch today.

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