Find your light with Astrology

Let me tell you, life transforms profoundly when you meet your people. Before you find them it can feel trechorously dull. Flat and lacking the vitality that comes from the power of truly connecting. See, it’s nothing personal that some people make you seriously consider becoming a social recluse.It all comes down to energy compatibility.

So what does astrology have to do with all this? Everything. We are all born into a certain energy group. This gives us different requirements, a little like nutrition, we all have diverse needs to make us grow, feel inspired and give us that glow. Understanding your energetic field can save you a lot of confusion and self- sabotage. Stop trying to force yourself to change to fit into the world. We don’t want that, you were born to be you.
We speak from personal experience. Before Shan and I met we were bored to death, both constantly running from one situation, place or job to the next in order to find the stimulant we were after. People are stimulants. Some drain you and some fill you up with sunshine. You need to find your radiators. Astrology is our tool, our magic wand to navigate people to find theirs. Whether they be in the form of friends, colleagues, lovers and yes even pets. Ever wondered why some dogs love you and others give you no time? Maybe that’s a bit too much, too soon. Lets stick with people. Ultimately, nothing gives you greater happiness than connecting with the ones that get you. They make you feel alive and inject life with the buzz that we can spend years looking for in the wrong places.

Come along to one of our upcoming events or even book your own personal one to one, learn about your energy group and where to find your people. With our astrology and tarot parties we come along with our knowledge and Shan’s amazing cookies for a cosy night of chatting and discovery. Find your radiators and shine your light. For all bookings contact us below.

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