Exciting Collaboration… Beauty, wellness and astrology

We formed Zodiach to help people use astrology to improve their lives. To make the most of this experience we all have as humans fumbling our way through. As open minded air signs we are of course always looking for new ways to expand on this and be as inclusive as possible.
With that in mind, we have some super exciting news. We have been approached by a brand that focuses on making the most of life through looking after our bodies, skin, nutrition and sleep. Who doesn’t love the sound of that?

After sampling the products and learning about their holistic, natural, genuine approach to creating their beautiful range, it was a yes from us.
We know that each sign will find something they will benefit from, whether its their effective skin care range for capricorns prone to problems or those glam scorpios wanting to play with their beautiful make up collection.
They have got us covered from gorgeous hair care to relaxing oils and candles for the upcoming winter months.

Consider it our gift to you all as the days get shorter, the nights get darker and the mornings deliver that crisp chill. We will be doing lots of videos and recommendations for specific products for each sign to keep you all looking and feeling fabulous this season. Bring it on winter we are ready for you.

Check out our personal Arbonne store and do let us know what you have ordered and think of the range. Enjoy.


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    1. Yes my lovely, we also do career assessment and birth reports for children. What exactly are you after? I will drop you an email. Xx

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