Why won’t my boyfriend leave home?

Client: Hi, I am really struggling with my partner at the moment. We have been together three years and I am ready to start thinking about moving in together. EVERYTIME I bring it up, he totally freaks out. He is an only child and very close to his parents, still he’s 29 and I cannot see a future unless he grows up.

Zodiach: Hello lovely, is your boyfriend a Cancer by any chance?

Client: 16th July, so yes. Yes, he is definitely a cancer and I am a Pisces.

Zodiach: Ok, so the good news is you guys are a great match. The not so good news is this is typical crab behaviour. Their home is the most important place in the world to them. My Dad was a Cancer and he insisted on my Nan living with us for our short time as a family before my parents inevitably broke up. So I am well aware this can cause problems if it’s  not addressed properly. The question is how to go about it. Is it his Mother he is particularly close to?

Client: Yes, even when we are on holiday he calls her everyday and I spend most of my time at his house as she pretty much does everything for him. It is sweet and I look at it as a positive he looks after his family though still I don’t feel important enough. The last time I suggested we start looking at places he said he doesn’t see the need to change a perfectly workable situation. Well it’s not working for me.

Zodiach: Yes, we know cancer men can be terribly frustrating when it comes to becoming independent. The thing is try and see things from his view, he literally wears his home on his back and for the last 29 years this has been with his Mother and where he is living. The thought of moving out of that safe zone is terrifying as much as he won’t admit that, he will play the practical card. You need to reassure him his new set up will provide all the comfort and security he currently has and ease him in slowly. Agree maybe he stays at home once a week and you have his parents over for dinner regularly. Even look for places that will remind him of home, get inspiration for decoration from his house. I know it can be a slow burn though Cancer’s make great partners and Dad’s in the long run.

Client: Ok, this is really interesting. Good idea’s.

Zodiach: Like we said, the fact you’re a Pisces and he’s a Cancer is amazing and makes this totally worth the time investment. You have all the support of the zodiac behind you. Cancer’s are just worry warts, they don’t run and jump into things they ponder worse case scenarios and can be a little on the pessimistic side, try and take it with a pinch of salt and not too personally.

Client: Yes, he loves to have a worry.

Zodiach: We are always here to help, a coaching session together maybe what you need to talk about things in a nice relaxed encouraging environment. Also our book is due for release 1st October where you can learn everything you need to know about Cancer’s and your compatibility. We will send you over the link as soon as it’s available.

Client: Thanks girls, sounds great cannot wait and I will be in touch.

We are pleased to say our client sent us an email of the place, and her and her timid cancer have just put an offer on. We are really excited and pleased for them, we hope his Mum likes her cooking!

If you need any help with your relationship, please get in touch we would love to hear from you.

When in doubt look, to the stars.


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