Spotlight on David Attenborough

Starsign: Taurus

Sir David Attenborough is one of our idols, and an inspiration behind our decision to join Arbonne. He has done more than his bit for this planet and we are proud to be working with fantastic products that are environmentally friendly, vegan and natural. Our skin, bodies and this planet are where we reside and we want to make sure we look after all three.

Here are three things you may not know about this legendary Taurus.

1) He is practical when it come to making money

Sir David learned from a young age, 11, in fact that you should not be polluting the environment to make money. In fact he started selling newts to a university in Leicester just 5km away for 3 pence each. In typical Taurus style he combined practicality with his values.

2) He was born in the same year as Queen Elizabeth II

Have you noticed how many members of the royal family are bulls? Even recent baby George. Maybe they know that they are loyal, consistent and incredibly stubborn traits that tend to serve royalty well.

3) He won a stare off with a Rwandan mountain gorilla

Speaking of stubborn, only a Taurus could win this challenge. He said of the experience in 1979 “There is more meaning and mutual understanding in exchanging a glance with a gorilla than any other animal I know.”

So there you go, while we may not have the time to travel the world and be quite as pro active as Sir Attenborough, we can all do our bit in any way we can. We encourage anyone that is looking for a fabulous way to help the plant to check out the amazing product range from make up to skin care at our new store.

In the meantime we would like to give out thanks and respect to this iconic Taurus

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