Compatability is at the heart of happiness

In our combined years of experiencing the roller coaster of life, Shan and I have realised a lot. The best things were made in the 90’s. Yep, we are talking about domino’s, blockbuster and the spice girls. LA is our favourite place in the world. Wearing a skirt that’s too tight makes you miserable, yet most importantly finding someone you are truly compatible with gives you a kind of happiness that money can’t buy.

Luckily for some people that person can come and find you in a coffee shop, a bar, your office or on an airplane. Not everyone, some have to trawl dating sites and endure a bunch of morons and relationships that become chapters of their life they would rather write off, or rip up. Its easy to settle for something less than perfect, unless your a Virgo of course, as a way of avoiding something we fear more, loneliness. So we over look the fact that despite maybe the sex is great, both of you look good on paper but you have little in common.

What if we told you there’s a way you can be a bit more pro-active in finding the happiness that feels like home? You can! Astrology can teach you so much about what it is that you need to find love, to have the conversations that set your soul on fire, to feel connected and understood. It’s the little things isn’t it? Don’t you want to find someone to share all the things you love with and all the intricate parts of yourself that you don’t reveal to anyone except the mirror? We are here as Zodiach to help you understand yourself and find the person that you don’t have to change a single thing for. The person that laughs at the same things as you, finds it cute you love putting your pjs on at 6pm, wants to travel the same places and binge on the same latest netflix show.

As winter looms, its a good time to hunker down and find that special person to spend the long, dark nights with and want to wake up in the morning with.
Even if it turns out that persons is you. Sometimes getting to know ourselves can be the greatest love story of our lives. Next time your brushing your teeth, remember that beautiful person looking back at you is someone your always be compatible with.

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Love Ash and Shan x

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