Libra’s biggest challenges in a relationship

Libra season is in the air, bringing some light and harmony to the dropping temperatures. When it comes to love and relationships our fair headed, air sign can face certain challenges. As much as you like to avoid conflict its better to be aware of where you can struggle. Here are the top 3 to look out for.

1) Making decisions

From where to go for dinner to who to date, libra’s can sweat the small and the big stuff when it comes to making their minds up. They are so often pre-occupied with striving to do the right thing they don’t relax and tune into what they really want. This can leave them in a genuine state of confusion. Forget keeping everyone happy, what people will think of you, seeking approval or getting it right, what do you want? Listen to your gut, it can tell you more than what you want to eat. Trust it.

2) Giving too much

Libra’s please listen up, your happiness is just as important as your partners. Please try and tune into whether the daily routine of your relationship is burning you out. If you feel your the one putting in all the effort or needs are not being met then speak up. For the ease of a hassle, conflict free life libra’s can often find themselves like snow white, cooking, cleaning and running around after seven dwarves leading to burn out. Make sure your in an equal relationship and both whistling as you leave the door.

3) Saying how you feel

Again libra’s can often sacrifice their own feelings for the sake of their partners. They can be desperately unhappy yet covering it all up with a big smile to maintain balance and avoid conflict. Well, no hollywood blockbuster is complete without a bit of drama, don’t fear it. It always leads to resolution or the ending thats meant to be. When you look back at the movie of your life you want to know that you followed your heart and was true to yourself. Learn to express yourself, don’t keep those precious feelings locked up. Just like your element, when you feel them, air them or they will manifest in physical and mental pain.

Libra’s you have so much to give in relationships, if you are looking for love or would like to work through some problems your having finding your balance get in touch we would love to help. Our coaching sessions are always confidential, look out for our book coming 1st October which can answer many of your relationship questions from the comfort of your sofa.

Happy Birthday guys and girls,



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