Spotlight on Christiano Ronaldo

Starsign: Aquarius

Two minutes into the Piers Morgan Interview I fell upon last night, I knew this legendary footballer was an Aquarius. Some days my astrological intuition is so on point I can guess a sign before they have spoken. Yesterday was admittedly one of those days. Still even on a bad day Mr Ronaldo gives himself away. Here are the three things that make him stand out as the oldest of the air signs.

1) His positive energy

Aquarius are one of the most positive signs of the zodiac, there is something about their energy that is almost addictive. It draws you in and makes you want to be around them without exhausting you. They tend to reserve all their energy for their creative outlet, for Christiano this is on the pitch. This gives them such a zest for life it’s infectious to be around, people tend to admire their approach to life and can learn from it. Even Piers Morgan was in awe of Christiano’s aura, uncharacteristically nervous for an Aries.

2) His priorities are in order

Although many Aquarius go on to be pretty successful in their career and financially they never loose track of what’s important in life. I told a fellow Aquarius friend of mine following the interview last night that Christiano Ronaldo reminded me of him when it came to how he spoke about his family. This friend has a wonderful wife, three children and a good yet less flamboyant lifestyle than Mr R and is nowhere near as famous. Still his reply summed up an Aquarius when he said I am far less lavish and rich, though I would never exchange my life for his. An Aquarius gets what’s important in life and would never trade those things in for more wealth. They have little time for superficiality or people.

3) His commitment to his goals

Aquarius are a fixed sign, when they set their mind to something they go for it. They are annoyingly fair and reasonable and would never compromise their morals in order to get there, this is their humanitarian nature. There is something in them that is driven by making the world a better place. Ronaldo has given a lot back to charity and training, it’s in his nature to do the right thing and that is why they tend to have Karma on their sides.

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